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Qualities Of Stainless Steel Kitchen Area Home Appliances

Qualities Of Stainless Steel Kitchen Area Home Appliances

I can enter into another person's house and appreciate their kitchen area without wanting it to be MY cooking area. Somebody earlier in the thread pointed out black cabinets and I can appreciate that they can be extremely striking and stunning, however it isn't something I would personally want to have in my home. So, even if I do or do not desire something for me does not imply I believe it can't be beautiful in somebody else's house.


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agreed. Black cabinets are an ideal example too. I have seen them done well in great deals of scenarios (and I have actually seen black carried out in ways I really much do not like too.) and my buddy even has a set of black slab cabinets in his kitchen area that look striking with the way he did the rest of the kitchen location. However black is not a cabinet color I ever opt for when designing a kitchen myself for myself. I'm just not drawn to it in my own kitchen at all.

Should I Choose Stainless Steel Or Wood As Structural Material While Going For A Modular Kitchen?

Sometimes the technique with black cabinets is to use them in such a way as to not overwhelm the space with a feeling of heaviness; making sure the area has numerous natural light and/or blending them up with other finishes and cabinet types- which, naturally, is not to say that that would change your mind in utilizing them yourself however shows that having them does not necessarily suggest having a dark kitchen area.

Beth Modular Stainless Steel Kitchen

Here is a kitchen I designed for my next-door neighbors in a vintage 90 y.o. home. (horrible photo supplied by the client- no lighting, stainless steel kitchen bad direct exposure). This kitchen area faces north as well but does have two nice sized windows and a skylight. Great brought back vintage range that really utilized to be in my house!

[IMG] [/IMG]

I just used them as the base cabinets with open shelving for the uppers other than for a back wall of complete height cabinets bookending the stainless-steel fridge: broom closet; coffee station white piece counter and glass uppers; kitchen and open book/wine/platter storage. (another bad picture). A full height tile wall and and a free-standing butcher block table further minimizes any perceived heaviness of the black base cabinets.

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