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Buying Guide: Methods To Use Craft Glitter

Buying Guide: Methods To Use Craft Glitter

Glitter is without doubt one of the best methods to get your craft projects to glitter, shine and stand out in a crowd, however chances are high chances are you'll not use it often.

Everyone knows why: who needs to be covered in glitter for the remainder of the week, and there’s at all times at the least one speck caught on the floor which you could’t quite seem to remove. If you happen to love to make use of glitter but hate the mess or are not sure when it’s appropriate, we’ll educate you the right way to hold the mess to a restrict and when you ought to be using craft glitter.

Maintain the Sparkle, Hold the Mess
Many individuals avoid utilizing craft glitter because of the mess, but it doesn’t must be messy. One of the easiest ways to use glitter is pouring loose glitter into a plastic container and using a spoon to apply it. Others have found success placing a chunk of paper under their project and applying the glitter as they see fit. Once finished, you possibly can fold the piece of paper and pour the surplus glitter back into its authentic container. In case you’re still concerned a couple of mess, strive utilizing glitter spray, tape or paint. These are among the best glitter for crafts. Less mess, identical amount of dazzle!

We’re big fans of craft glitter and over time we’ve found ourselves utilizing glitter for a wide variety of crafts, together with:

DIY phone cases
Home décor gadgets
Glass vases and other glass décor
House keys
Scrapbooking projects
Jewelry projects
Find these projects and get inspired while you browse all of our glitter crafts.

There are not any hard and quick guidelines relating to crafting with glitter. It can be used on a wide range of projects and how much you employ all relies on your personal choice and the project itself.

Do you subscribe to the thinking that glitter makes everything better? Then go ahead and add it to your projects in large doses. Not a fan? Add small quantities to your projects for a bit of something additional, but don’t go overboard.

Always cover your work space with newspaper or a tablecloth. Spills are inevitable.
Apply baby powder to your hands before using craft glitter and it'll not stick.
Use a glitter tray, paper plate or large plain sheet of paper to catch any falling glitter. You possibly can then simply put the surplus back into the container.
Don’t contact the glitter on your projects until it’s utterly dry.
When your glitter dries, shake off or brush off any extra glitter to ensure you don’t path it in all places you go.
Baby wipes work like magic when making an attempt to remove glitter from tables and hard floors. For carpet and clothing, try a lint roller.

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