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PHO Extraction Vs. BHO Extraction: What Are The Differences

PHO Extraction Vs. BHO Extraction: What Are The Differences

The most effective extractions start with the best flower because potent cannabis provides more cannabinoids to extract. Past that, your dispensary could also be able to improve its choice of concentrates by choosing a new solvent-primarily based extraction method. Here’s a look at among the most common methods.

Butane Hash Oil (BHO) extraction has been one of the crucial fashionable strategies for years. The outcome can are available in many alternative consistencies, which means the identical process can be used to make a number of cannabis concentrate types for dispensaries. Butane is relatively volatile and flammable, so making these concentrates could be dangerous for anyone who isn’t an expert. Leading concentrate producers have the expertise and specialized equipment that allows them to make BHO extraction safe.

For this method, butane gas, heat, and pressure are used to drive cannabinoids and terpenes out of cannabis plant material. The extracted elements are gathered as an oil, and then the butane is purged out of the solution. Butane isn’t fit for human consumption, so it’s essential to get BHO extracts from trustworthy labs. One of the best cannabis concentrate producers have refined their process and depend on thorough testing to verify that every one traces of butane have been removed.

Propane Hash Oil (PHO) extraction is an extraction method that makes use of propane to separate cannabinoids from plant material. It works similarly to BHO extraction, basically just substituting propane for butane. Most PHO extractions run at slightly lower temperatures. With higher pressure than you may use with butane, which may help avoid unwanted residual compounds from the plant material.

Propane boils at a lower temperature than butane does, which presents some benefit in the extraction process. Since it doesn’t take as much heat to purge propane from the concentrate, there’s less chance that terpenes will be burned off throughout this stage. PHO concentrates are often rich in terpenes, and they naturally attain a consistency that’s excellent for budder.

When you’ve ever looked on the golden brown liquid in a pre-stuffed dab pen, there’s an excellent probability you’ve already seen CO2 oil. One of the benefits of CO2 extraction is that the substance is safe for human consumption, so it’s easier to make this type of concentrate safe. The downside is that it isn’t fairly as effective at extracting some wantable elements of the cannabis plant. CO2-extracted concentrates are additionally likely to be more expensive, which drives up costs for dispensaries.

The reply to this query partially is determined by which type of concentrates you need to supply in your dispensary. As a rule, although, solvent-primarily based extractions like PHO and BHO extraction are leaders within the cannabis industry.

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