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The Difference Between Wing Chun And Karate

The Difference Between Wing Chun And Karate

Wing Chun and Karate, seemingly opposites, however not. Really, I found more similarities between Wing Chun and Karate than almost any other martial arts.

Wing Chun, after all, is the Chinese Martial Art that has soft blocks, which is to say guiding blocks, and hard strikes. It has been round for hundreds of years, and it's fairly sophisticated. A person who has truly reached the 'interior circle' of this Chinese Martial Art is kind of untouchable, can battle blindfolded, has a full range of sixth senses having to do with anticipating attacks before they occur, and so forth.

Karate, although it's the new child on the block in many ways, has also grow to be pretty sophisticated. It was derived from a number of sources, lots of which were Chinese, and driven to a high degree of workability by the 'Code of the Samurai.' It too, when you can find a very good school, results in some very profound and sixth sense abilities.

The primary distinction here is the direction of the blocks.

Wing Chun blocks tend to come back back towards the body.

In Karate blocks are likely to go away from the body.

In either artwork, in case you are moving the block sideways, you are doing the block incorrect, for there isn't a body, and therefore no doable body alignment behind the block.

And, sure, whether you're blocking hard or soft there have to be body and alignment of construction behind the blocks. You possibly can't overwhelm the attacker's strikes (as in Karate) if you don't have this body and construction, and you may't successfully guide the assault if you don't have this body and structure.

Now, that each one said, take a look at 'Wing Chun Kung Fu,' by James Yimm Lee, and you will find a piece on the eight gates and 4 doors. Is this not perfectly transferable to Karate?

And, when you understand this, and if you're in a real style of Karate, you will understand how the concepts of grounding and deep stances have to be used. And, if you are in this fashion of hung fu, and come across Karate, it's possible you'll realize ho more effective, particularly the early training, would when you deepened the stances and worked on the grounding and alignment.

Thus, these styles of Japanese Martial Artwork and Chinese Martial Artwork do have more than surface similarities, and it is even of high benefit to study each systems. You need to not try to mix them nevertheless, past what I've said here. That would muddle both art, cause confusion, and detract from both Wing Chun and Karate.

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